Excel Add-ins : Un-Hide All Sheets

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Excel Add-Ins

Hey There…

Well, Excel is one of the most widely used tools and spreadsheets are the back bone for every business these days. I use excel for almost everything thru out the day.

Many a times the spreadsheets which are used for daily reporting end up with multiple sheets and at times you need to have to hide or unhide the sheets as required.

Now Microsoft has provided us with the option to Hide Multiple sheets at a time – however there is no option to Un-Hide all the sheets at once.

Well – no need to fret , for my very first Excel Add-in – I humbly present to you the “Un-Hide All Sheets” add-in.

This Add-in gives you a separate Tab and Group in Excel – with the button to Un-Hide All Sheets.

Un_Hide_Sheet_Custom_RibbonWell – here’s the attached zip file with an installation SFX file – which will install the add-in for you.Excel Add-ins – UnHideAllSheets

Hope you find this useful –

Do let me know your thoughts, opinions, issues, bugs – anything feedback is welcome.


  1. Amit bakshi says:

    Richie trust me if you start working on this seriously this site will to wonders and you will touch the new hight of success !!

    Best of luck buddy !!


  2. Arpit Sharma says:

    Thats a nice trick… Waiting for more… Techno baba ki jaii:)


  3. Yatin says:

    Loved the add-in. I use multiple sheets to categorize and summarize the work I do across countries, and it creates a lot of clutter which means extra time hiding and unhiding sheets when working with specific regions locally. Back at the office, a one-button unhide option helps save a lot of time.

    Cheers, keep up the good work.


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